Removing Contract Lines

You may need to remove contract lines from the service contract as you remove corresponding service items from the service contract. Usually you remove a contract line that is expired or corresponds to the service item that has broken down.

To Remove Contract Lines:

  1. Open the Service Contract window.

  2. Press F5 to open the Service Contract List window and select the service contract from which you want to remove contract lines. Click OK to open the Service Contract window for that service contract.

  3. Click Functions, Open to open the service contract for modification.

  4. Fill in the Contract Expiration Date field on the contract line you want to remove. For example, it could be the day when the service item broken down.

  5. Click Functions, Remove Contract Lines. The Remove Lines From Contract window will appear.

  6. On the Service Contract Line tab, fill in the default filters: Contract No. filter, Service Item No. filter and Contract Type filter. If needed, you can apply more filters or change the existing ones.

  7. On the Options tab, fill in the necessary fields. In the Action field, click Delete Lines.

  8. Click OK to remove the lines.


If the contract is not detailed, you must update the value in the Annual Amount field on the Invoice Details tab in the Service Contract window, reflecting the loss of the service item from the contract.

If the contract is detailed and prepaid, and you have posted invoices for the contract, you can create a credit memo for the contract by clicking Functions, Create Credit Memo in the Service Contract window. If the check box in the Automatic Credit Memos field on the Invoice Details tab is selected, the program automatically creates a credit memo when you remove a contract line.

For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

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