Posting Prepaid Contract Entries

If you work with prepaid service contracts, you must regularly post prepaid contract entries, thereby transferring the prepaid payments from the prepaid contract accounts to the regular contract accounts.

Before you can post prepaid contract entries, you must specify a number series in the Prepaid Posting Document Nos. field in the Service Mgt. Setup window.

To Post Prepaid Contract Entries:

  1. Open the Post Prepaid Contract Entries window.

  2. On the Service Ledger Entry tab, enter the filters you want to apply.

  3. On the Options tab, in the Post Until Date field, enter a date. The batch job posts prepaid service ledger entries with posting dates up to this date.

  4. In the Posting Date field, enter the date you want to use as the posting date on the general journal line.

  5. In the Action field, click Post Prepaid Transactions.

  6. Click OK to post the entries.

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