Invoicing Service Contracts

You can invoice service contracts periodically. The invoice period for each contract defines how often you invoice it.

To Invoice Service Contracts:

  1. Open the Create Contract Invoices window.

  2. On the Service Contract Header tab, set the filters you want to apply.

  3. On the Options tab, in the Posting Date field, enter the date you want to use as the posting date on the sales invoices.

  4. In the Invoice to Date field, enter the date up to which you want to invoice contracts. The batch job will include the contracts with the next invoice dates, up to this date.

  5. In the Action field, select Create Invoices.

  6. Click OK to create the sales invoice(s).

You can also invoice a service contract directly from the Service Contract window, if the next invoice date on the contract is earlier than the working date. The following procedure describes how to do this:

  1. Open the Service Contract window.

  2. Press F5 to open the Service Contract List window and select the contract you want to invoice. Then click OK to open the Service Contract window containing information for this service contract.

  3. Click Functions, Create Sales Invoice. A dialog box appears asking whether you want to create an invoice for the contract. Click Yes to confirm.


It is not possible to create sales invoices for the service contract with the Change Status field value set to Open.

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