Creating Service Contracts and Contract Quotes

You can create a service contract either manually or from a service quote. You can use a contract quote as a forerunner of a service contract in which your company makes an offer to the customer and which needs customer approval before you can convert it to a service contract. Therefore, the procedures of creating either a service contract or service contract quote are quite similar.

To Create a Service Contract or Contract Quote:

  1. Open the Service Contract or Service Contract Quote window.

  2. Press F3 to create a new service contract or contract quote. A dialog box appears, asking whether you want to fill it with the common data from a contract template. If you want to create such a contract or contract quote, click Yes. The Service Contract Template List window appears. Select the appropriate template and then click OK to use it to create the contract or contract quote.

  3. In the Customer No. field on the General tab, click the AssistButton to see the Customer List window. Select the appropriate customer and then click OK to copy his/her number in the Customer No. field.

  4. If you enter a check mark in the Allow Unbalanced Amounts field, the program does not automatically distribute the annual amount difference and does not automatically equalize the values in the Annual Amount and Calcd. Annual Amount fields. If you want the program to do otherwise, leave the Allow Unbalanced Amounts check box blank.

  5. Add contract lines to the service contract or contract quote.

  6. Fill in the rest of the fields in the Service Contract Quote window as needed.

For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

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