Changing the Owner of Service Contracts

You may need to change the owner of a service contract, for example, when one company takes over the business of the company who owns the service contract. If a service item in a service contract is registered in non-canceled multiple contracts owned by the same customer, the program automatically changes the owner of all service contracts that include this service item and of all other service items included in these contracts.


In this case only non-canceled contracts are considered. The status of the contract quotes is not taken into account.  


Please be aware that there can be a great variety of interrelated service items and contracts.

For example, service item No.8 is included in multiple contracts SC00003 and SC00015. Contract SC00015 also contains service item No.15 which is also included in the contract SC00080. In this case the owner for all three contracts and service items will be changed.

To Change the Owner of Service Contracts:

  1. Open the Service Contract window.

  2. Browse to the contract, the owner of which you want to change, and click Functions, Open.

  3. Click Functions, Change Customer. The Change Customer in Contract window appears. In the Contract No. and Service Item No. fields you can see the numbers of the contract and service item owned by the selected customer. If the customer owns more than one contract with more than one service item included, the value of these fields will be Multiple. To see the list of related contracts or service items, click the AssistButton in the respective field.

  4. In the New Customer No. field, click the AssistButton to see the Customer List window. Select the relevant customer, and then click OK to copy it to the field.

  5. In the New Ship-to Code field, click the AssistButton to see the Ship-to Address List for the selected customer. Select the address, and then click OK to copy it to the field.

  6. Click OK to change the customer and/or ship-to code of the service contract(s).

  7. Click Functions, Lock to lock the contract, and to make sure that the changes will be part of the contract(s).

The program assigns the new owner to all service contracts that include the same service items as this contract and to all other service items included in these contracts.