Service Management Setup

In the Service Management Setup window, you can decide how you want the program to manage certain aspects of this application area.


Service Management offers various features that can help you manage your services. You can set up automatic e-mail warnings for response times that you define for your service orders. You can use service zones and resource skills for managing planning, multi-dimensional fault reporting for service items, define whether you assign one or more service items to a service order, and so on.

Mandatory Fields

Service Management can be set up to help you get the information that you require for your service transactions, such as starting and finishing dates for service orders, fault reason codes and salespersons.


You must fill in the Default Response time and Default Quote Time (Hours) fields. You can specify default warranty of parts and labor and warranty duration for service items. You define whether you want to create posted or unposted sales invoices from service orders.


When using contracts, certain features have to be set up. You must fill in the Contract Serv. Ord. Max. Days field.


You can set up a number series for service items, service orders, service contracts, service contract templates, troubleshooting, service order sales invoices, contract sales invoices, prepaid documents and loaners. The program automatically enters the next available number or allows manual numbering according to the setup of each number series.