Service Price Management

The service price management functionality allows you to apply the right price to service orders, to set up personalized service price agreements for customers, to improve service employees' efficiency and to accelerate the invoicing process.

Service price management allows you to set up different service price groups, to take into account the service item (or service item group), as well as the type of fault the service task involves. You can set up these groups for a limited period of time, and/or for a specific customer or currency. You can use price calculation structures as templates to assign a specific price to a specific service task.

For example, this makes it possible to assign specific items included in the service price, as well as the type of work included. This makes it also possible to use different VAT and discount amounts for different service price groups. And to ensure that the right prices are applied, you can assign fixed, minimum, or maximum prices - depending on the agreements you have with your customers.

Before adjusting the price of a service item on a service order, the program gives you an overview of what the results of the price adjustment will be. You can approve of these results, or you can make further changes, if you want to have different end results. The entire adjustment is done line by line, which means that there are no additional lines created.

Finally, service price group statistics and standard reports allow you to keep track of the profitability of each service price group.

Service Price Adjustment Groups

You use service price adjustment groups to set up the different types of price adjustments. For example, you can set up a service price adjustment group that adjusts prices for spare parts, one that adjust prices for labor, one that adjusts prices for costs, and so on. You can also specify whether the service price adjustment should be applied to just one specific item or resource, or to all items or resources.  

Each service price adjustment group holds the information regarding the adjustments that you want to make on the service invoice lines.

The service price adjustment function does not apply to service items that belong to service contracts. You can only adjust the service prices of items that are part of a service order. You cannot adjust the price of a service item if it has a warranty.

When you run the service price adjustment function, all discounts in the order will be replaced by the values of the service price adjustment.

Service Price Groups

You can set up service price groups to create groups of service items that receive the same special service pricing. When you have set up service price groups, you can then assign them to service items on service item lines. You can also assign service price groups to service item groups.

Before you can assign a service price group to a service item, you have to determine to which fault area, currency, or service price adjustment group the service price group applies. You have to determine to which amount the service price should be adjusted, and whether this amount should include VAT and discounts. And whether this adjustment concerns a fixed amount, or should only be applied under certain conditions.

When you assign a service price group to a service item, all the special service pricing that you set up in this group will then apply for this service item.

Service Pricing

You set up the actual types of service pricing (price adjustment type and price) for a combination of service price groups and customer price groups. For each type of service pricing, you select a service price adjustment group. You also specify the service price adjustment type (fixed, maximum or minimum) and the actual price.

For example, you can set up types of service pricing for a radio service price group. For customers without a price group, you can decide to have service pricing with maximum price on labor (the labor price adjustment group). For customers with a particular price group, you can decide to have service pricing with a fixed price on labor (the same labor price adjustment group).

Creating Service Price Adjustment

Service Price Adjustment in Detail

Service price adjustment allows you to adjust the price of a service item, resource, or cost on a service order.

After you have entered a service item, resource, or cost on the service item lines, you then enter all information regarding the costs of this item on the service invoice lines. When you run the function Adjust Service Price, the program opens a window that allows you to preview the price adjustments. You can make modifications if necessary. When you acknowledge the modifications, the program calculates the adjustments, and then transfers them to the service invoice lines. You then post the service order.

Depending on the type of service price adjustment, the program calculates the total amount of the adjustments in the following way:



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