Service Contract Header Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Service Contract Header table contains the service contract agreements between your customers and your company. A service contract includes service level agreements and service items assigned for servicing against the contract.

This table includes information about the serviced customer, the starting date of the contract, the service period, the response time, the bill-to customer, the invoice period, the annual amount, the prepaid and income accounts, price update specifications, and so on.

The contract lines contain information from the Service Item table, such as the contract amount, the discount, the next planned service date and the expiration date.

You can create contract templates to define how to create certain types of contracts.

At any time you can make a copy of a service contract quote or a service contract by filing it. This can help you, for example, to create a contract quote that the customer approves of. Each time you propose the contract quote to the customer, you can file the contract quote. When you make further changes to the contract quote, you can view how you have changed the contract quote each time by viewing the filed copies of the quote.

You can make certain changes to a service contract, such as adding or removing contract lines and updating prices.