Service Order Allocation Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Service Order Allocation table contains information about allocations of resources or resource groups (for example, technicians) to service tasks in service orders. A service order allocation entry consists of a service item line in a service order (the service task), a resource number or resource group number, an allocation date, allocated hours and a starting and ending time if specified. It also contains a Status that you can use to keep track of the service task progress for the allocated resource or resource group.

If you use service order allocation in your company, the program automatically inserts a nonactive service order allocation entry each time a Service Item Line is inserted in a service order.


For a service item in a service order, there can only be Active service order allocation entries with one resource or resource group at a time.

You can allocate skilled resources to service items, resources that are in the customer's zone and resources that are preferred by the customer. You can allocate directly in the Resource Allocations window or by using the resource availability in the Res. Availability (Service) window.

When you have allocated a resource or resource group to service tasks, the resource or resource group member can view the tasks allocated to him/her in the Service Tasks window.