Service Hour Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Service Hour table contains both the general work hours for your company and the general work hours for customers who are serviced according to registered service contracts. In this table, the starting time and ending time of work per weekdays are specified. You can define work hours for weekdays in periods by using a starting date for each entry. For example, you can have special summer service hours.

The program uses the service work hours when it calculates values in the Response Date and Response Time fields for service orders and quotes and when it sends response time warnings using the value from the First Warning Within (Hours), Second Warning Within (Hours) and Third Warning Within (Hours) fields in the Service Mgt. Setup table.


You need to set up the default service hours in your company before you can start creating service orders.

You need to set up the contract specific service hours before you create service orders based on service contracts. Otherwise, default service hours will be taken into consideration as the contract specific service hours.