Service Comment Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

You often need to link comments to service items, service quotes, service item lines, service orders, contracts, or contract quotes. For example, you may need to have a reminder for yourself about some restrictions regarding the quality of service item maintenance.

The Service Comment Line table contains comments related to service item faults and resolutions, customer requests, and so on. You can enter comments for the following:

You can create comments for a specific service item or service document. You can do this in the Service Comment Sheet window. For example, if you click Serv. Item, Comments on a Service Item Card, you will be able to set up comments (and to see previously created comments) for that particular service item only.

In some windows, for example the Service Order window, a comment button appears next to the No. field. If the picture on the button is a pencil point lying horizontally, no comment has been entered for the order. If the button shows a vertical pencil with four horizontal lines, there is a comment for the order.

These comments will all be printed on reports. Comments that are only for internal use in your company will not be printed.