Service Header Table

List of Fields in the Table

The information in the Service Header table forms the basis for the service order. The service order is the document in the Service Management application area where you enter information about a service (repair and maintenance) on service items. The service orders are either created when a customer requests a service or automatically by the program at time intervals defined in service contracts.

A service order is composed of a service header, service item lines and service invoice lines.

Whether you are creating a service quote or a service order, you use the same service header with the same information, although it will be displayed in different windows.

The service header contains the general information about the service. It has five tabs: General, Invoicing, Shipping, Details and Foreign Trade. These tabs contain information about the serviced customer, contract number, service order status, response time, bill-to customer, shipments, starting and finishing dates, spare parts overview, currency, and so on.

Service item lines contain information about the items that need to be serviced in the service order.

Service invoice lines contain information about the service costs for each service item line in the service order. Amounts on the service invoice lines are in the source currency unless the field name indicates that the amount is in the local currency. The source currency is the currency that is represented by the currency code on the service header.

When you post a service order, the program creates a posted service order and a sales invoice. The service header becomes the header on the posted service order and the sales invoice.