Get Service Usage Batch Job

Use the Get Service Usage batch job to transfer service usage (service invoice lines already posted in an unposted service order) to the sales lines in a sales invoice.

When you post service invoice lines directly without posting the corresponding service order, you can create a sales invoice for the service order customer. You can run this batch job to transfer the posted service invoice lines to the sales lines.

To run the batch job, open the Sales Invoice window and then click Functions, Get Service Order Usage.

You can define what is included in the batch job by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the tab by clicking the Field field and then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right. Fill in the fields as follows:

Service Ledger Entry tab

Service Order No.: Here you can select the numbers of the service orders that you want to include in the batch job. To see the existing service order numbers, click the Filter field, then click the AssistButton that appears to the right.

Click the up-arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filters that you have defined for the table.

Click OK to start the batch job. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.