Allocating Resources to Jobs

With the program, you can allocate a resource or resource group’s capacity to one or several jobs.

You can allocate resources to jobs (for example, 5 hours or 3 days of the resource, depending on the resource’s unit of measure) in the Resource Allocated per Job window.

To Allocate Resources to Jobs:

  1. Open the Resource Card window, and then click Planning, Resource Allocated per Job.

  2. Select the line of the job to which you intend to allocate resources.

  3. Click the interval buttons in the lower left-hand corner to specify the time interval and the detail of allocation.

    The amount allocated (specified in the resource’s unit of measure) will take into consideration the resource’s/resource group’s availability but only when the corresponding jobs have the status Quote or Order.

  4. To allocate resource groups to jobs, follow the same procedure from the Resource Groups window.

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