Adjusting Resource Prices

If you intend to change costs or prices for a large number of resources, you can use the Adjust Resource Costs/Prices batch job.

To Adjust Resource Prices:

  1. Open the Adjust Resource Costs/Prices batch job request window.

  2. Filter the resources or resource groups in the No. or Resource Group No. fields respectively for the resources that need to have cost or price adjustments.

  3. Click the Options tab. In the Adjust Field field, select the type of cost or price to be adjusted.

  4. In the Adjustment Factor field, enter the factor to be used to adjust the costs or prices.

  5. Click the AssistButton in the Rounding Method field to round the new costs or prices.

  6. Click OK to run the batch job.


This batch job does not create or adjust alternative costs or prices for resources. It only changes the contents of the field on the resource card for the field that you selected in the batch job (Direct Unit Cost, Indirect Cost %, Unit Cost, Profit % or Unit Price). The adjustment will take effect immediately for resources, so check your adjustment factors before running the batch job.

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