Vendor Ledger Entry Table

List of Fields in the Table

This table contains posted entries from purchase orders, purchase invoices, purchase credit memos, journal lines, finance charge memos, reminders and refunds.

When you post to a vendor account, the program creates a vendor ledger entry, which you can see in the Vendor Ledger Entry table by clicking Vendor, Ledger Entries from the vendor card.

Vendor ledger entries are created by the posting of a purchase order, invoice, credit memo or journal line.

All adjustments made to the vendor ledger entry due to, for example, payment discounts or changes in currency exchange rates, are recorded in the Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry table.

The only fields on a vendor ledger entry that can be changed are the following: On Hold, Due Date, Pmt. Discount Date,  Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible, Pmt. Disc. Tolerance Date and Payment Tolerance. You cannot change the other fields because the entry has been posted.