Requisition Wksh. Name Table

List of Fields in the Table

This table shows the requisition worksheet names that have been set up in the program. You can choose from the available requisition sheet names or create new ones.

If you want to create a requisition worksheet name, choose Edit, Insert New on the menu bar, then fill in the fields in the table.

You can create multiple requisition worksheet names under each requisition worksheet template. That is, the same window can be used to display several different requisition worksheets, each with its own name. This can be practical, for example, if every user needs to have his or her own requisition worksheet.

You can have the program number the requisition worksheet names automatically with each conversion to a purchase order by including a number in the name. For example, the name ANNE1 will change by one number with every conversion, to ANNE2, ANNE3, and so on.

You can create several requisition worksheet templates if you need them for different purposes. You do this under Purchases & Payables, Setup, Req. Wksh. Template.