Shipment Method Table

List of Fields in the Table

The shipment method often depends on the items, the customers and the vendors. For example, if the customer lives on an island, he or she can choose to have items always shipped by air or always by sea. Some customers may require next day delivery; some may want to pick up the order. On the customer and vendor cards in Navision, you can specify what sort of delivery is desired.

You set up the description and code for each shipment method in the Shipment Method table. For example, you can set up the code FOB, and enter Free on Board in the Description field. You can then enter the code in shipment method code fields elsewhere in the program, for example on the customer card. After this, when you post or set up orders, invoices, credit memos, and so on, the program will enter the description represented by the code.

There are two advantages to using the Shipment Method table. First, the text for all documents like shipments or invoices needs to be written only once, which saves time. Second, you can link a default shipment method to a customer or vendor. You can change this when you set up orders and invoices.