Purchase Document - Test Report

You use the Purchase Document - Test report to test purchase orders, invoices or credit memos before you post them. The program checks whether there are any posting dates missing, whether there is anything to post, and so on.

You can specify what is included in the report by setting filters. If you do not set any filters, the report will include all your records.

On the Purchase Document tab, you can fill in the standard field filters, or you can select additional filters. To do this, press F3, click the AssistButton, and then select the relevant filter(s). You can also determine what is shown in the report by filling in the fields on the Options tab.

To print the report, click Print. To see the report on the screen before printing it, click Preview.

To set filters in the report, fill in the fields as follows:

Purchase Document

Document Type: In the Filter field, you can select the purchase document type that you want to include in the report.

No.: In the Filter field, you can enter the numbers of the purchase documents that you want to include in the report.

Click the up-arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filters you have defined for the table.

To see the sorting keys and determine the order in which the purchase documents will be displayed in the document, click Sort.


Order/Credit Memo Posting: In this field, you can specify whether you want to post the documents that are being tested as received/shipped, as invoiced or as received/shipped and invoiced. Place a check mark next to each option that you wish to select.

Show Dimensions: In this field, insert a check mark in the box if you want dimensions information for the journal lines to be included in the report.

Show Item Charge Assignment: In this field, you can insert a check mark if you want the test report to show the item charge that has been assigned to the purchase document.