Creating Purchase Line Discounts

When you have agreed on the discount % that you will pay the vendor for certain items, you register the agreement for the individual items on the lines in the Purchase Line Discounts window.

To Create Purchase Line Discounts:

  1. Open the Vendor Card window, find the relevant vendor and then click Purchases, Line Discounts (%). The Purchase Line Discounts window appears.

  2. The Vendor No. field will be filled in with the selected vendor.

  3. Fill in the fields on the lines with the Item No., Unit of Measure and the agreed Line Discount %. You can also show the Variant Code column and specify the Variant Code if there are several variants of the item.

  4. If you have to purchase a minimum quantity from the vendor in order to gain the discount % agreed on, fill in the Minimum Quantity field.

  5. If required, enter the Starting Date and Ending Date of the price agreement.

  6. Using the Show Column facility, you can also specify the Currency Code.

Repeat steps 3-6 for every item for which you want to create a Purchase Line Discount.