Posting A Purchase Allowance

If you receive items from your vendor that are not what you wanted, for example, if they are slightly damaged, the wrong color or the wrong size, the vendor may offer you a purchase allowance.

You can post this reduced purchase cost as an item charge on a credit memo and link it to the posted receipt.


It is recommended that you print a test report before you post the credit memo.

To Post A Purchase Allowance:

  1. Open the Purchase Credit Memo window

  2. Click the No. field and press F3 to create a new credit memo.

  3. Fill in the credit memo header with information about the vendor that you received the purchase allowance from.

  4. In the first purchase line, in the Type field, select Charge (Item).

  5. In the No. field, select the appropriate item charge number.

    You may want to create a special item charge number to cover purchase allowances.

  6. In the Quantity field, enter 1.

  7. In the Direct Unit Cost field, enter the amount of the purchase allowance.

  8. Assign the purchase allowance as an item charge to the items in the posted receipt. When you have assigned the allowance, return to the credit memo window.

  9. Click Posting, Post.

    If you want to print the credit memo at the same time as you post it, click Posting, Post and Print instead.

  10. Post as invoiced.


When you enter a job number in the Job No. field on a purchase line with an item, the program do not create an item entry, but only a job entry, when the document is posted.

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