Entering Item Charges on the Original Purchase Document

Item charges, such as freight, handling charges or insurance, can be entered into the program on a separate invoice or on the original purchase document where the items that the item charges relate to are listed. Item charges can be entered on orders, return orders, invoices and credit memos.

The following steps describe how to enter an item charge on to an existing purchase document that has not been posted as fully invoiced. If you receive the purchased items and the invoice for the item charge at the same time, or if the original purchase document has not been posted in full yet, follow this procedure.

The same procedure can be followed for credit memos and invoices, but for simplicity only a purchase order is described in detail.

In order to enter an item charge you must first have set up item charge numbers.

To Enter Item Charges on the Original Purchase Document:

  1. Open the Purchase Order window.

  2. Browse to the order that this item charge relates to.

  3. In the Type field, on the line, select Charge (Item).

  4. In the No. field, select an item charge number.

  5. In the Quantity field, enter the number of units of this item charge that you have been invoiced for.

    You can either enter a quantity of 1 and enter a direct unit cost of the item charge amount that was invoiced, or you can enter a quantity of the amount and enter a direct unit cost of 1. You can also enter a formula if this suits you better.

  6. In the Direct Unit Cost field, enter the cost of one unit of this item charge.

You are now ready to assign the item charge.

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