Calculating Payment Discounts on Purchase Credit Memos

Possible payment discounts are calculated when a credit memo is posted. The system calculates and handles the payment discount on credit memos according to the same principles as payment discounts on invoices. Where a credit memo is applied to an invoice, the possible payment discount amount for the invoice will be reduced by the payment discount amount for the credit memo.

The Payment Terms code is the basis for the payment discount calculation.

To Calculate Payment Discounts on Purchase Credit Memos:

  1. Open the Purchase Credit Memo window.

  2. Press F3, and then press Enter to create a new credit memo and give it a number.

  3. In the Buy-from Vendor No. field, select a vendor with payment terms that allow payment discounts on credit memos, and then click OK. You can also choose to use the Copy Purchase Document batch job request form.

  4. In the Posting Date and Document Date fields, enter a date.

  5. On the first purchase line, select an item, and then enter a quantity in the Quantity field.

  6. Click Posting, Post to post the credit memo.

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