Viewing Vendor Entry Statistics

From a vendor card, you can see various statistics about the vendor.

To View Vendor Entry Statistics:

  1. From the vendor card, click Vendor, Entry Statistics.

    In the Vendor Entry Statistics window, on the Last Documents tab, you can see the most recently posted entry of each of these document types: payment, invoice, credit memo, finance charge memo and refund. A finance charge memo for a vendor is an entry that you post as this document type from a general journal. The amount of each entry is in the currency shown in the corresponding Currency Code field.

    On the No. of Documents tab, you can see the total number of entries of each type and the total remaining amount for all entries of each type. Quantities and amounts are shown in LCY for the current accounting period, the current year to date and the preceding year.

    In addition, amounts are calculated for payment discounts received (that is, realized) and payment discounts missed (because payment was too late).

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