Posting Purchase Credit Memos

After you have entered all the information and made any corrections, you can post the credit memo. It is recommended that you print a test report before you post the credit memo.

To Post Purchase Credit Memos:

  1. Open the Purchase Credit Memo window.

  2. Browse to the credit memo that you want to post.

  3. Click Posting, Post.

    If, however, you want to print the credit memo at the same time as you post, click Posting, Post and Print.

  4. Click Yes.


When you post the credit memo, the program creates a posted credit memo. If you have placed a check mark in the Return Shipment on Credit Memo field, posting the credit memo will also create a posted return shipment.

When you enter a job number in the Job No. field on a purchase line with an item, the program do not create an item entry, but only a job entry, when the document is posted.

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