Suggesting Vendor Payments

The program has a special feature that suggests various payments to vendors, for example, payments that will be due soon or payments where a discount is available. The payment suggestion can take into consideration an amount that you specify as available funds for payment and eligibility for payment discounts.

You must have already prioritized your vendors.

To Suggest Vendor Payments:

  1. Open the Payment Journal window.

  2. Click Payments, Suggest Vendor Payments to open the Suggest Vendor Payments request form.

  3. On the Vendor tab, you can set filters to select vendors by number and/or payment method.

  4. Fill in the fields on the Options tab. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  5. Click OK to start the batch job.

When the batch job is finished, the vendor entries that have been selected for payment are listed in the payment journal.


If you want to take advantage of payment discounts and have entered an available amount, the amount will be used for prioritized overdue vendor entries first in order of priority, and then for overdue vendor entries that are not prioritized, and finally for open vendor entries that qualify for payment discounts in order of vendor number.

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