Creating Purchase Quotes

A purchase quote can be used as a preliminary draft for an order, and the order can then be converted to an invoice.

Before you can create a purchase quote, you must set up a card for the vendor and a card for each item to be purchased.

To Create Purchase Quotes:

  1. Open the Purchase Quote window.

  2. Press F3 to create a blank credit memo.

  3. Press F3 to create a blank quote.

  4. Fill in the No. field.

  5. In the Buy-from Vendor No. field, enter the vendor's number.

  6. On the first quote line, in the Type field, select Item.

  7. In the No. field, enter the number of the item to be ordered.

  8. Enter the quantity you want to order in the Quantity field.


If the item is a bill of materials, you can explode it on the lines. This means that the components will be listed individually instead of the BOM. To do this, enter the BOM’s item number in the No. field and click Functions, Explode BOM.

If a vendor is also recorded as a contact in the Relationship Management application area, and if you have specified an interaction template code for purchase quotes in the Relationship Management Setup window, when you click Print to print the quote, the program automatically records an interaction in the Interaction Log Entry table.

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