Suggestion of Item Charge Assignment in Purchase Documents

When you want to assign item charges to purchase lines, you can have the program suggest an assignment of the item charge based on one of two principles:




The program suggests that you assign the item charge equally to all assignment lines in the assignment window


The program suggests that you assign the item charge depending on the contents of amount fields in the purchase line, purchase receipt line or return shipment line.

If you select Equally, the program divides the assignable quantity by the number of assignment lines. It then inserts equal parts of the total quantity into the Qty. to Assign fields.

If you select Amount, the program first takes the relevant amount fields in the three different kinds of original lines into consideration:

When doing this, the program also takes currency issues into consideration.

When the program has entered its suggested assignment, you can still adapt the numbers in the Qty. to Assign fields manually.

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