Production BOM Version Table

List of Fields in the Table

In this table, you can set up and manage production BOM versions.

The version principle enables you to manage several versions of production BOMs. The structure of the production BOM version corresponds to the structure of the production BOMs, that is, the production BOM version consists of the production BOM version header and production BOM lines. The basic difference is that only one version can be valid at a time. The validity is defined by the starting date of each version. Every older version becomes invalid by the starting date of the next version. By using production BOM versions, you can set up new versions long before they become valid.

From the Production BOM or the Production BOM List windows, you can display production BOM versions by clicking Prod. BOM, Versions.

To set up new versions, you can use one of the following methods:

· If you have set up a production BOM version code on the production BOM card as a default production BOM version number series, press ENTER to have the program fill in Version Code field with the next number in the series.

· If you have not set up a production BOM version number series for production BOM version, or if the number series has a check mark in the Manual Nos. field (in the No. Series table), you can enter a number manually. You can enter a maximum of 10 characters, both numbers and letters.