Routing Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

In this table, the routing lines are managed. Every routing line is assigned to a routing header.

All the tables are related, and information in the fields is copied from one place in the program to another, so you need to enter information only once. In addition, you can change information on each header or line if you need to.

The routing header contains all the relevant information about the item and the routing type, status and version.

Routing lines contain detailed information about the specific operations to be performed and the sequence of the operations. The sum of the values in the Setup Time, Run Time, Wait Time and Move Time fields plus the Queue Time field on the relevant Machine of Work Center card combine to give the production lead time of the item.

To create a new routing, fill in the routing header and then set up the lines. The program will automatically copy any relevant information from the header to the routing lines.

To learn more about working with routings, follow this link here.