Routing Header Table

List of Fields in the Table

Manufacturing companies use routings to show the production process. The routings form the basis for production planning and control. Routings include detailed information about the method of manufacturing of a particular item. It includes the operations to be performed and their sequence. You can also include information about tools, personnel and quality measures. For each product, routings contain a step-by-step set of instructions that describe how the product is made.

Navision offers the possibility of specifying the production process in either time or capacity, and it supports the production of part families, that is, the same or similar items can be manufactured with a single routing.

The routing is the basis for process scheduling, capacity scheduling, material need scheduling (production-synchronized planning) and the production documents.

In order to be able to work with routings, you must set up the capacity planning standard data first.

The routings are assigned to the items in the item's standard data.

On the routing lines, enter the data for the machine or work center that processes the product.