Work Center Table

List of Fields in the Table

Here you can enter and maintain information about work centers. In Navision, a work center comprises a number of machine centers.

Managing capacities is an important part of managing the manufacturing process of the company. In Navision, you use this table for that purpose. The Work Center table contains information used by a range of facilities that can help you do your capacity requirements planning. For example, calculating available capacity and efficiency.

You can assign different machine centers to each work center. For the machine centers that you want to assign to a work center, you have to enter the number of the work center in the Work Center No. field on the machine center card.

Every work center must also have an identifying number. When you enter a work center number elsewhere in the program, the program will automatically use information from that particular work center's card.

By assigning a subcontractor to a work center you can manage external work related to the manufacturing process.

All work centers must be set up in this table.