Shop Calendar Table

List of Fields in the Table

Here you can create and maintain information about shop calendars.

You use the shop calendar to preset capacity availability. This presetting is done in steps and is systematically refined up to the final calendar date of the specific capacity.

For the presettings defined here, an exact calendar is calculated which then forms a basis for the fine schedule planning of the capacity planning. The basis of the available work time is recorded in the Calendar Entry table.

The shop calendars refer to Work Shifts. They are a means of classification for group work times.

You can set up many different shop calendars and then assign a shop calendar to every work center.

You must assign a work shift to every calendar day. Normally, one work shift is used per calendar, however, if you need to, you can enter more than one, different, work shifts in one calendar.

First, you have to specify the calendar and then define the appropriate Shop Calendar Working Days.