Reg. Abs. (from Machine Ctr.) Batch Job

You use the Reg. Abs. (from Machine Ctr.) batch job to register planned absences at a machine center. The planned absence can be registered for both human and machine resources. You can register changes in the available resources in the Registered Absence table. When the batch job has been completed, you can see the result in the Registered Absences window.


If you want to register absences at a work center, use the Reg. Abs. (from Work Center) batch job.

The batch job only creates the registrations. It does not process the changes. If you are satisfied with the registrations and want to implement them, that is, to insert them in the Calendar Absence Entry table, you use the Implement Registered Absence batch job.

You can define what is included in the batch job by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the Machine Center tab by clicking the Field field, then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right. You can also determine what is included in the batch job by filling in the fields on the Options tab. Fill in the fields as follows:

Machine Center

No.: Here you can specify the numbers of the machine centers to be included in the batch job. To see the existing machine center numbers, click the Filter field, then click the AssistButton that appears to the right.

Click the up-arrow at the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filters you have defined for the table.


Starting Time: Enter the starting time of the absence, that is, the time the employee normally starts to work or the time the machine starts to operate.

Ending Time: Enter the ending time of the absence, that is, the time the employee normally leaves, or the time the machine stops operating.

Starting Date: Enter the starting date of the absence.

Ending Date: Enter the ending date of the absence. Because the Registered Absence table is used for calculating the resources calendar, you must fill in this field. You can change the ending date later if the absence period is prolonged.

Capacity: Enter the amount of capacity, which cannot be used during the absence period.

Description: Enter a short description of the reason for the absence.

Overwrite: If this field is checked, the program will overwrite entries on this particular date and time for this machine center.

Click OK to start the batch job. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.