Refresh Planning Demand Batch Job

With this batch job, you refresh the BOM and the routing for the selected planning worksheet line or order planning line using the newest standard data.

Use this batch job when you have made small changes in the planning worksheet or Order Planning window. For example, use it if you have changed an assigned routing or an assigned BOM for a line or want to add another planning worksheet line or order planning line to an existing run. The batch job then deletes the components and routings of the planning lines in question and forms new component lines and routings on the basis of standard data.

You can define what is included in the batch job by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the Requisition Line Tab by clicking the fields, then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right. You can also determine what is shown in the batch job by filling in the fields on the Options tab. Fill in the fields as follows:

Requisition Line

Worksheet Template Name: Enter the template where you want to refresh the planning line.

Worksheet Batch Name: Enter the batch where you want to recalculate the entries.

Line No.: Enter the line number you want to refresh. If you want the program to include all lines in the replanning, leave this field blank.

Click the Lookup button to see the filters you have defined in the Planning Worksheet Line List table.


Scheduling direction: Enter the scheduling method - forward or backward.

Forward scheduling begins at the starting date and proceeds forward to the finishing date. Backward scheduling begins from the ending date and proceeds backward to the required starting date.


Routings: Click to insert a check mark in the check box if you want the program to refresh the routing.

Component Need: Click to insert a check mark in the check box if you want the program to recalculate the BOM.

Click OK to start the batch job. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.