Replan a Production Order

This planning function calculates changes made to components and routings lines, and it involves items on lower production BOM levels, for which it may generate new production orders.  


Based on the changes you have made to the components and routing lines, the Replan function calculates and plans for any new demand for the production order. It is typically used after you have added or changed components that constitute underlying production orders.

Note: To include changes made to the header, you must first refresh (See Refresh a Production Order).

To Replan a Production Order

  1. From a production order, click Line, Components.

  2. Add a component, which is a produced item (a subassembly).

  3. From the production order, click Functions, Replan.


In the Replan Production Order window, on the Options tab, define how and what to replan:


  1. In the Scheduling Direction field, select:

Note: This default option is relevant in the majority of situations.

Note: This option is relevant for ASAP orders.    


  1. In the Plan field, select whether to calculate production requirements for produced items on the production BOM:


  1. Select One Level, and click OK to replan the production order plus calculate and create a new underlying production order for the introduced subassembly – if it is not fully available.  


Note: Changes implemented with the Replan function are very likely to change the capacity need of the production order and you may therefore have to reschedule operations afterwards. (See Reschedule an Operation.)

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