Replanning Production Orders

Sometimes you may want to replan a production order.

In the following, a firm planned production order is replanned. This can also be done for production orders with a different status.

To Replan Production Orders:

  1. Open the Firm Planned Prod. Order window.

  2. Select the relevant production order.

  3. Click Functions, Replan.

  4. On the Production Order tab, the number of the current production order has been selected as a default.

  5. On the Options tab, you can make the following selections:

    Scheduling Direction


    Scheduling starts from the starting date and proceeds forward (to the finishing date).



    Scheduling starts from the ending date and proceeds backward (back to the required starting date).


    No Levels

    Only date adjustments are calculated.


    One Level

    For the current production order, the gross/net requirement is planned and possible orders for subassemblies are created.


    All Levels

    A gross/net requirement is planned, and the system automatically raises new production orders for subassemblies, if there is a need for them. This calculation considers all levels.

  6. Click OK to confirm your selection. The program then replans the production order.

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