Calculating Production Order Routing Lines

If you have amended production order lines, you must also refresh the routing of the production order.

In the following, the routing lines are calculated for a firm planned production order. This can also be done for production orders with a different status.

To Calculate Production Order Routing Lines:

  1. Open the Firm Planned Prod. Order window.

  2. Select the relevant production order.

  3. Click Functions, Refresh.

  4. On the Production Order tab, the current production order has been selected as a default.

  5. On the Options tab, you can make the following selections:

    Scheduling Direction



    This field has no effect on the outcome.



    You must leave this field blank to retain the current production order line.



    Place a check mark in the field to calculate routings.


    Component Need

    This field has no effect on the outcome.


    Create Inbound Request

    This field has no effect on the outcome.

  6. Click OK to confirm your selections. The program then refreshes the production order routing lines.


Calculating production order routing lines deletes previous changes in the routings.

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