Posting Output Quantity

The output quantity represents the work progress in the form of the finished quantity.

When you post output quantity on the last operation, the program will automatically update the inventory.

To Post Output Quantity:

  1. Open the Output Journal window.

  2. In the Posting Date field, enter a posting date.

  3. In the Production Order No. field, enter the production order number.

  4. In the Item No. field, select the item number.

  5. In the Operation No. field, enter the operation number.

  6. In the Output Quantity field, enter the product quantity.

  7. If the operation has been completed, place a check mark in the Finished field.

  8. If the warehouse location where the items should be put away uses bins but does not require put-away processing, assign a bin code to the journal line to specify where the items should be placed in the warehouse.

  9. Click Posting, Post to post the operations. The output quantity will be posted. The item is now available for shipping.


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