Reserving Items for Production Order Components

In the program, you can reserve items for production orders. You have to distinguish between production order lines and production order components.

In the following, a firm planned production order is used.

To Reserve Items for Production Order Components:

  1. Open the Firm Planned Prod. Order window.

  2. Select the production order you want to reserve items for.

  3. Place the cursor in the relevant production order line.

  4. Click Functions, Reserve.

  5. Select a line, for example the Item Ledger Entry line, and then click Functions, Reserve from Current Line.

    The program has now reserved the quantity you entered in the firm planned production component line.


If item tracking lines exist for the sales order, the reservation system will take

you through special steps:

  1. Click Functions, Reserve.

  2. Answer Yes to the system message about reserving specific serial/lot numbers.

  3. In the Item Tracking List window, select e.g the lot from which to reserve items.

  4. Click OK to open a Reservation window showing only supply with the specified item tracking number.

  5. You can now reserve as described above.

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