Creating New Production BOMs

A careful setup of the BOM master data is mandatory for you to be able to work correctly with the system later.

To Create New Production BOMs:

  1. Open the Production BOM window.

    The top part of the production BOM card is the production BOM header, and the bottom part of the card contains the production BOM lines.

    The data entered on the production BOM header applies for the whole production BOM. On the lines, you enter the data for the items to be processed and other production BOMs.

  2. On the menu bar, select Edit, Insert New. If the cursor is placed on the header part, a new production BOM is created, whereas if the cursor is placed on the bottom part, a new line is created. A new production BOM is automatically assigned the status New.

  3. Click the No. field and enter the appropriate production BOM number which identifies the BOM uniquely. Any combination of numbers and letters can be used.

  4. Fill in the remaining fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  5. Change the Status field to Certified.


The Unit of Measure Code field is required for later quantity recalculations as a basis for a recalculation factor.

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