Job Budget Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

A useful aspect of Navision is the possibility of creating a budget for each job. The budget can either be quite general with few entries, or it can contain many entries divided into activity levels. In fact, you can create a detailed budget in which every single resource and cost of goods sold is divided into the time periods that you need: day, week, month, quarter, year, or accounting period. You get a complete overview of the capacity of the individual resources with information on availability and planned consumption on orders and quotes. A copy function enables you to copy a detailed budget to a new job.

A budget provides the basis for comparison with the actual usage recorded in the job journal, thus allowing you to see the point you have reached. To fully benefit from the job options, we recommend that you use budgets for all jobs regardless of your recognition method. Comparing actual usage with a budget and analyzing any differences improves the quality of any budget for future jobs and reduces the risk of underestimating the cost.

Before you create a budget, it is recommended that you divide the job into clearly-defined and realistic phases; each phase into tasks; and each task into steps. The number of phases, tasks, and steps you should define depends on the accuracy you wish to achieve when comparing the actual usage and sales with the estimated values.

You identify each line on the budget by specifying the following fields: