Job Table

List of Fields in the Table

Basic information about a job performed in your company is entered in this table.

The Navision features for enterprise and job management provide a flexible solution for managing long-term projects and many types of service and constancy tasks. The budgeting, ongoing registration and costing features ensure effective management and follow-up of item consumption, time usage and other costs. The Jobs application area provides you with a comprehensive picture, not only of individual jobs, but also of the allocation of employees, machinery and other resources in all jobs.

Navision allows you to organize your job management in detail. Features can, for example, be used for general registration and invoicing of work in progress. They can also be used for future-oriented and more detailed planning and follow-up on projects, quotes, registration of actual consumption, invoicing and costing.

In addition to keeping detailed records about jobs, you can integrate the Jobs application area with the general ledger. You can also use dimensions and inventory location when posting entries.