Job Journal - Test Report

This report displays journal lines in the job journal. You can use the report to see the results of posting before you post and edit the journal lines if there are any errors that need to be corrected.

The report shows the contents of the following fields:

Posting Date, Job No., Document No., Type, No., Quantity, Unit Of Measure Code, Work Type Code, Unit Cost, Total Cost, Unit Price, Total Price.

The Total Price and Total Cost fields will be totaled at the end of the report.

You can define what is included in the report by setting filters. You can set additional fields on the tabs by clicking the Field field, then clicking the AssistButton that appears to the right. Fill in the fields as follows:

Job Journal Batch

Journal Template Name: Enter the name of the job journal templates to be included in the report. To see the existing job journal template names, click the Filter field, then click the AssistButton that appears to the right.

Name: Enter the names of the job journals to be included in the report.

Click the up-arrow at the lower left-hand corner of the window to see the result of the filter you have defined for the table.

Job Journal Line

Enter the posting date for the line. You can insert a date in several ways:


Show Dimensions: Place a check mark in the box if you want dimensions information for the journal lines to be included in the report.

Click the Print button to print out the report. If you want to see the report on the screen before printing, click the Preview button. If you do not want to print the report now, click Cancel to close the window.