Item Vendor Table

List of Fields in the Table

You often have several vendors who can ship the same items. You can set up the vendors for each item in the Item Vendor table by clicking the Purchases button on the Item Card and selecting Vendors. You can also find the table by clicking the Purchases button on the Vendor Card and then clicking Items. In one case the menu item you select is called Vendors, in the other case Items, but the table is the same. You are looking at the contents in different ways. The different names emphasize the two different points of view:

The Item Vendor Catalog shows the vendors for the item on the card where you select Purchases, Vendors.

The Vendor Item Catalog shows the items that can be shipped by the vendor from whose card you select Purchases, Items.

When you enter something on an item line, such as on a purchase order, the program always uses as a default the vendor from the Item Card. If this vendor has been set up in the Item Vendor table, the program uses information such as price from the table. You can change the default vendor to one from the Item Vendor table. If the Item Card does not contain a vendor, the program will not suggest one.