BOM Journal Template Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can open the BOM Journal Template table under Inventory, Setup, BOM Journal Templates. The window shows the BOM journal template that has been set up in the program, and if you need to create new ones, you do it here.

BOM journal templates allow you to work in a journal window that is designed for tasks involving BOMs. That is, the fields contained in the journal template are exactly the ones needed for this particular part of the program.

You can also select a specific test report and posting report to be printed with the Post and Print and Test Report functions in the journal template.

By using the Source Code field, you can insert a code on the journal template that will be copied onto all the journal lines that are created under the journal template. You can thus always see where an entry has been posted.

If you want to create a BOM journal template, choose Edit, Insert New on the menu bar, then fill in the fields in the table.

In the BOM journal you can produce bills of materials (BOMs).

This is a special window that you can use for BOMs that will be posted at regular intervals. You need to type entries in only once, and you can post the same information as often as you want.

You can create multiple BOM journal batches under each journal template. That is, the same window can be used to display several different journals, each with its own name. This can be practical, for example, if every user needs to have his or her own BOM journal.