Item Journal Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

Item journal lines are shown in the various journals in the Inventory application area.

In an item journal, you can adjust inventory in connection with purchases, sales, and positive and negative adjustments. To insert lines in the item journal, click the first empty line and fill in the fields.

When the journal is filled in, you can choose to post, post and print a report, or print a test report only.

When you choose a journal, the program displays the most recently used item journal batch. If you want to use another item journal batch, click the AssistButton to the right of the Name field. The Item Journal Batch List appears. Here you can choose from among the existing journal batches or create new ones.

In Navision, it is possible to create three levels under an item journal menu item: Item Journal Templates, Item Journal Batch and Item Journal Lines. This lets you use different journals that are suited to different tasks. You can have several journals of the same type; for example, every employee can have their own journal.

This is a special window in which you can enter items that will be posted regularly. You need to type entries in only once, and you can post the same information as often as you want. When you want to post the same information again, you only need to choose Posting, Post.


Inventory accounts in the general ledger are not updated when you post from an item journal. To update them, you must use the Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch job. Before you do that, it is a good idea to run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job.