Item Analysis View Entry Table

List of Fields in the Table

Analysis View entries are created by the program when you update an analysis view. An analysis view entry is based on one or more item entries that fulfill a number of criteria concerning posting date, account number and dimension information that you have specified for an analysis view.


When you define an analysis view, you can define what information should be shown in that view. For example, you can specify which dimensions and dimension values item entries must have in order to be included in a view. You can also specify whether only item entries posted to certain accounts should be included in an analysis view using the Item Filter field. When you update an analysis view, the program compresses item entries that fit the criteria that you set for the analysis view and creates analysis view entries. Each analysis view entry represents a unique combination of posting date, item number, and dimension values.


An analysis view entry can therefore be made up of many item ledger entries, depending on what date compression you have set for the analysis view. If you have chosen not to date compress analysis view entries, each analysis view entry will be equal to one item ledger entry. However, if you have chosen to date compress analysis view entries, all item ledger entries within a period with the same combination of posting date, item number, and dimension values will be regarded as a single analysis view entry.