Sales Price Worksheet Table

List of Fields in the Table

You enter the unit price in the Unit Price field on the item card, but you may also need to set up some sales prices for items. You do this in the Sales Prices window, which you find by clicking Sales, Prices on the item card.

You use the Sales Price Worksheet table to edit and update the sales prices. The program fills in this table when you run two batch jobs, which suggest unit prices based on:

Both batch jobs end by displaying the newly calculated unit prices in the Sales Price Worksheet window, where you can change unit prices that are not satisfactory or delete lines you do not want. When you are satisfied with all the unit prices, click Functions, Implement Price Change to copy the new unit prices to the Sales Price table.

The Sales Price Worksheet table is different from most of the other tables in the program. The two most important differences are:


You can add or change the ending date when you update the sales prices.