Item Category Table

List of Fields in the Table

This table contains information about the item categories that have been set up, including information about default values for posting groups, costing methods and tax groups.

You assign an item category to an item when you create an item card. When the program automatically creates an item card for a nonstock item the first time the nonstock item is entered on a sales line, the content of the Item Category field on the nonstock item card is copied to the item card. At the same time, the program automatically copies the Def. Gen. Prod. Posting Group, Def. Inventory Posting Group, Def. Tax Group Code, Def. VAT Prod. Posting Group and Def. Costing Method fields to their related fields on the Item Card.

You enter information about item categories in the Item Categories window, which is accessed on the item card or the nonstock item card through the AssistButton to the right of the Item Category Code field.